Cyber Bill Key Points


For Immediate Release                                                           Contact:  Susan Phalen
April 12, 2012                                                                 


Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act



Helps private sector job creators defend themselves from attacks from countries like China by allowing the government to provide the intelligence information needed to protect their networks and their customers’ privacy;

Keeps the federal government’s hands off the Internet, and does not allow the government to stop access to particular websites, or to censor or require private companies to remove content;

Protects Americans’ privacy by prohibiting Washington from forcing private companies to hand over information while encouraging companies to “anonymize” information voluntarily shared with others;

Does not impose new federal regulations or mandates, and does not require additional spending or bureaucracy; keeps Washington out of the business of monitoring or guarding private networks; and

Was written in the open in a bipartisan way with input from private-sector companies, trade groups, privacy and civil liberties advocates, and the Executive Branch – and concerns will continue to be addressed.



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