Democrats worked to impeach President Trump since his election. Following an anonymous whistleblower complaint based on second-hand and third-hand information about a presidential phone call, the Democrats launched the most bizarre impeachment process in American history. Although the whistleblower complaint had no intelligence component whatsoever, impeachment was led by House Intelligence Committee Democrats, who conducted secret depositions in the Capitol basement marked by a highly orchestrated leaking campaign to the media. Furthermore, the whistleblower coordinated his complaint beforehand with staff members for Chairman Schiff, who lied about that coordination on national TV. After this coordination was discovered, Democrats broke their promise to have the whistleblower testify to the committee. Further information is available at the links below.

GOP Report on Impeachment Evidence

Impeachment Hearings – Transcripts

Hill and Holmes Hearing transcript

Cooper and Hale Hearing transcript

Sondland Hearing transcript

Morrison and Volker Hearing transcript

Vindman and Williams Hearing transcript

Yovanovitch Hearing transcript

Kent and Taylor Hearing transcript

Impeachment Hearings – Opening Statements

Nunes Opening Statement for Hill and Holmes Hearing on Impeachment

Nunes Opening Statement for Cooper and Hale Hearing on Impeachment

Nunes Opening Statement for Sondland Hearing on Impeachment

Nunes Opening Statement for Morrison and Volker Hearing on Impeachment

Nunes Opening Statement for Vindman and Williams Hearing on Impeachment

Nunes Opening Statement for Yovanovitch Hearing on Impeachment

Nunes Opening Statement for Kent and Taylor Hearing on Impeachment

Impeachment Hearings – Letters and Fact Sheets

Nunes letter to Schiff on Subpoena Requests

Ground Truth - Impeachment 101

Ground Truth - Irregular Channels

Ground Truth - Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

Ground Truth - Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent

Ground Truth - Ambassador William Taylor

Ukraine Depositions

Mr. Mark Sandy deposition

Ambassador Philip Reeker deposition

Ambassador David Hale deposition

Key Points

Mr. David Holmes deposition

Ms. Jennifer Williams deposition

Key Points

Mr. Tim Morrison deposition

Key Points

Mr. Christopher Anderson deposition

Ms. Catherine Croft deposition

Deputy Assistant Secretary Laura Cooper deposition

Key Points

Dr. Fiona Hill deposition

Key Points

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman deposition

Key Points

Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent deposition

Key Points

Ambassador William Taylor deposition

Key Points

Ambassador Kurt Volker deposition

Key Points

Ambassador Gordon Sondland deposition

Key Points

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch deposition

Key Points

Ambassador Michael McKinley deposition

Key Points