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Chairman Schiff Statement on Sanctions and Other Measures Taken Against Russia

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, released the following statement:

“The tough measures ordered today by President Biden make clear that the United States will no longer turn a blind eye to Russian malign activity. We will impose consequences, and we will be direct with the American people and the world about Russia’s capabilities and tactics in the cyber arena by naming the Russian SVR intelligence agency as responsible for the SolarWinds compromise and taking action against Russian private sector firms that assist in hacking operations.

“Russia’s aggressive interference in our elections, attempted murder of Alexei Navalny, illegal occupation of Crimea, and recent cyber operations reveal an adversary which has grown accustomed to acting with impunity. These sanctions signal the return of a forceful U.S. response to Putin’s destructive and destabilizing actions, and an Administration willing to confront the Russian autocrat. This is all the more important at a time when Russian forces are once again amassing near the Ukraine border.

“While appropriate, sanctions alone will not be enough to deter Russia’s misbehavior. We must strengthen our own cyber defenses, take further action to condemn Russia’s human rights abuses, and, working in concert with our Allies and partners in Europe, deter further Russian military aggression.”