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Chairman Schiff on Decision to Blacklist Foreign Companies for Malicious Cyber Activities

“The administration’s decision to sanction four foreign cyber companies, including the NSO Group, is an important step towards improving cybersecurity and protecting human rights. As is apparent in public reporting, these companies have enabled repressive regimes to target dissidents, journalists, human rights activists, and government officials, including Americans, with sophisticated attacks.

“The House Intelligence Committee has been focused on the role of these companies in the repression of human rights, and the bipartisan Intelligence Authorization Act included provisions aimed at better understanding the activities of companies like the four added to the Entities List today. Specifically, the legislation would create new penalties for certain former IC employees who deliberately violate a ‘cooling off’ period or to fail to report work for foreign governments or entities controlled by them. And there are new reporting requirements to better understand the ecosystem of commercially available exploits and vulnerabilities that these companies use as their stock in trade.”