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Chairman Schiff on Indictments of Alleged Ransomware Criminals

“The arrest and indictments of those accused of perpetrating ransomware attacks against American companies and laundering the proceeds demonstrates the determination of the United States to hold such criminals accountable. Brazen cyber attacks on our hospitals, schools, companies, critical infrastructure, and more will not go unpunished. The actions announced today make clear that the reach of U.S. law enforcement is long, and we will identify those responsible for cyberattacks in the United States, and work urgently to bring them to justice and seize any ill-gotten gains.

“The whole of government approach demonstrated by today’s action is appropriate and welcome, and there is more that we will need to do to deter further attacks and to facilitate information sharing. We need a clear commitment by countries that provide safe harbor for cyber criminals — particularly Russia and China — to crack down on the criminal organizations perpetrating these crimes, and we must hold them accountable if they continue to look the other way.”