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Chairman Schiff on Reported Russian Mobilization Near the Ukrainian Border

“I am deeply concerned by public reports indicating Russia’s military is mobilizing to the Ukrainian border. When considered against the backdrop of the Kremlin’s increasingly bellicose rhetoric — and its dangerous and irresponsible actions on land, at sea, and in the air, and space — the potential for a new, perhaps more violent, offensive against Ukraine cannot be discounted. Putin has made it clear that he sees a democratic Ukraine as a threat and, after his annexation of Crimea and assaults on Donbas, he may continue chipping away at its territory and sovereignty.

“To deter any Russian military action or miscalculation, it is critical that we work with our European allies, as well as Ukraine, to convey that Russia would face immense costs should it attack Ukraine. Putin has shown time and again that he has no regard for the territorial integrity of Russia’s neighbors and unless we and our allies act together in deterring him, he will only grow more emboldened.”