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Chairman Schiff Statement on Guantanamo Bay

“On the 20th anniversary of the arrival of the first detainees after 9/11 at Guantanamo Bay, we renew our call to shutter the detention facility permanently.  The cost of maintaining Guantanamo — moral and otherwise — is simply too high.

“In August, I led 75 of my House colleagues in calling on President Biden to close the facility, and I greatly appreciate his commitment to doing so. For more than a decade, Congress has stood in the way of the orderly and safe closure of Guantanamo by making the transfer of detainees more difficult - impairing our ability to close the facility once and for all even as the number of detainees has dwindled ever lower. Nonetheless, I am still determined to work in partnership with the Biden administration and others in Congress to hasten its closure.

“We have a justice system in the United States that has demonstrated it can effectively prosecute terrorists – it’s past time for us to make the fullest possible use of it, and to close the Guantanamo facility once and for all. The commission process there has long proved unworkable, and as a nation that stands for the rule of law, it is time we move forward.”