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Chairman Schiff on Intelligence Community Report on Anomalous Health Incidents

"I appreciate the work of the IC Experts Panel appointed by the DNI and the Deputy Director of CIA to provide scientific and medical perspectives on the potential causes of the health incidents that have afflicted U.S. personnel. The Intelligence Committee has been focused for years on these issues, first and foremost to ensure any member of the IC workforce who is suffering receives the best possible medical care and all the support they require. The work to understand what has caused these effects is ongoing, but there is no doubt that Americans have and continue to suffer real injuries.

“The Intelligence Committee will hold another hearing on this subject this week, and we look forward to examining the classified findings of the Expert Panel in greater detail to inform our work. Let me stress, though this and other recent IC efforts have helped to answer important questions we have about these incidents, much more remains to be done – and must be. Finally, I also want to commend President Biden for appointing a coordinator to ensure this investigation is a whole-of-government approach.”