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Chairman Schiff on Counterterrorism Mission in Syria

“The military operation which resulted in the death of Islamic State leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Quraishi marks another important success by our military and intelligence personnel, one that will help keep us safe. I am deeply grateful to the U.S. Special Operations forces under the control of U.S. Central Command who carried out a successful counterterrorism mission in Syria and I am heartened our service members returned safely.

“Al-Quraishi was a brutal terrorist who led an organization bent on extending its violence and terror across Syria, the region, and the world. That terrorist organization continues to pose a dire threat to the United States, and our citizens around the world. I commend the Biden administration, as well as all those who enabled this mission, for their focus on disrupting and defeating a continually evolving international terrorist threat.

“Based on initial public reports, it appears civilians, including children, tragically died in this operation. Those reports should be thoroughly investigated, while keeping in mind the history of ISIS leaders using civilians as human shields. As Secretary of Defense Austin recently reaffirmed, America has a moral responsibility to ensure every reasonable step is taken to protect innocent lives.”