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Intel Committee Chairman Mike Turner Statement on Possible FISA Abuse Against Representative Darin LaHood

Today, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (OH-10) issued the following statement: 

“As Darin LaHood announced, he believes that he is the unidentified congressman that was improperly FISA-queried. In this public statement, he personifies the fears and mistrust many in America have about the FBI’s leadership. They have permitted consistent abuse of a program that was supposed to protect Americans from foreign threats.

“This must change. Today, under Darin LaHood’s leadership, we are launching a working group to reform FISA and confront these abuses. This is a first step. Before we could begin a thorough and comprehensive review of FISA, I asked each of the agency heads to admit to Congress and the American public that these abuses have occurred.

“As Darin LaHood stated, ‘It is my opinion that the Member of Congress that was wrongfully queried multiple times, solely by his name, was in fact me.’ Every Member of Congress could relate to his frustration. Too many Americans are worried it could be them. We are thankful for Darin LaHood’s honesty and leadership. Our Committee will seek to find a bipartisan solution to reform the FBI’s abuse of our foreign surveillance tools.”