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Turner: Is Hunter Biden Receiving Classified Information at the White House?

Today, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (OH-10) sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients demanding answers about Hunter Biden attending official White House meetings.

Read the full letter here or below.

Dear Mr. Zients,

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has confirmed that Hunter Biden is attending official White House meetings involving the President and his staff. I write to request a full accounting of any classified information discussed or disclosed in these meetings. According to news reporting, the President’s son's sudden presence at official meetings has caused confusion for some White House staff, prompting a reaction of, "What the hell is happening?"

It is disturbing to learn these events are transpiring in the West Wing, especially via news sources. It is unclear what official meetings and phone calls Hunter Biden is participating in and in what capacity and whether these discussions include classified information. An immediate response is requested, please notify the Committee of the official meetings Hunter Biden is participating in, and if classified information is being disclosed now that Hunter Biden is allegedly taking meetings with the President.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter.