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Statement by Chairman Rogers

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Washington, DC, February 3, 2011 | Susan Phalen ((202) 225-4121) | comments
Regarding Senate Homeland Security Committee Report on Ft. Hood Attack
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Statement by Chairman Rogers

Regarding Senate Homeland Security Committee

Report on Ft. Hood Attack

Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) today released the following statement regarding the report released today by the Senate Homeland Security Committee on the Ft. Hood attack.

"I want to commend Senators Collins and Lieberman for their comprehensive report and the investigation they led into the U.S. Government’s failure to prevent the Ft. Hood attack.  Their report makes a substantial contribution to our understanding of the threats posed by domestic radicalization and the challenges it imposes on domestic intelligence issues. 

"The failures of both the Department of Defense and the FBI to respond to Hasan’s actions prior to the attack raise systemic concerns about our nation’s ability to identify homegrown threats.  They also raise concerns about the commitment of the federal government to share information and coordinate the response to these threats. 

"As a former FBI agent, I am especially interested in the efforts of the FBI to develop an intelligence capacity.  Certainly the FBI has made progress, but this report points out the need to ensure that the speed of our progress is not outpaced by new threats.  My committee will be following up on several of the issues identified in this report, and with other national security committees on Capitol Hill and relevant Executive Branch organizations.  We will aim to identify solutions to the shortcomings that allowed this tragic event that took the lives of 13 innocent people."


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