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House Intelligence Committee Completes Markup of FY13 Intelligence Authorization Bill

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Washington, DC, May 17, 2012 | Susan Phalen ((202) 225-4121) | comments

House Intelligence Committee Completes Markup of FY13 Intelligence Authorization Bill

Chairman Mike Rogers and Ranking Member Dutch Ruppersberger of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence today announced that the committee has completed its markup of the FY13 Intelligence Authorization Bill, H.R. 5743.  The bill passed the committee by a unanimous 19-0 vote.

The intelligence authorization bill is one of the most important bills the House passes each year.  It provides and allocates resources to critical national security programs, including those that detect, prevent, and disrupt potential terrorist attacks against the American people.

The FY13 bill, H.R. 5743, funds all intelligence capabilities necessary to ensure our intelligence is the best in the world, including $300 million of new initiatives and $400 million of intelligence enhancements. 

Extensive bipartisan cooperation and support has produced a bill that is significantly below last year’s enacted budget, but up modestly from the President’s budget request, and is completely in line with the House Budget Resolution.  It holds personnel at last year’s levels and authorizes an initiative to achieve major efficiencies and improved performance in Information Technology. 

The bill also:

  • Increases funding for counterintelligence against foreign spies
  • Authorizes the new Defense Clandestine Service
  • Enhances counter terrorism efforts to continue the fight against al Qaeda and its affiliates around the world
  • Increases oversight on the spending of domestic intelligence agencies
  • Supports global coverage initiatives of the Intelligence Community to ensure the US is postured to address emerging issues and threats around the world

“The strong bipartisan vote in committee today as we marked up the FY13 authorization bill, reaffirms to our men and women in the field that the committee is united in ensuring that our Intelligence Community has the tools it needs to keep America safe,” said Chairman Rogers.

"The House Intelligence Committee is committed to giving our intelligence professionals the resources, capabilities, and authorities they need to keep our country safe.  This good, bipartisan bill does this while also keeping control of the bottom line," said Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee. 

The Committee also unanimously approved a performance audit report of the Department of Defense’s Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance program.  The report, based on a nine month study, identifies ways to make these programs more effective and efficient.  The effort was done with the full cooperation of the Department of Defense and of the House Armed Services Committee.  Key recommendations of the performance audit are included in the classified annex of the Committee’s bill.

The bill now moves to the House Floor for consideration.  “I urge my colleagues in the House to pass this bill,” Chairman Rogers said.


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