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HPSCI Chairman Mike Rogers Statement on Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Report on 215 Program

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Washington, DC, January 23, 2014 | Susan Phalen | comments

HPSCI Chairman Mike Rogers Statement on  Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Report on 215 Program

The Privacy and Civil liberties Oversight Board released a report on the NSA’s 215 program, the telephone metadata program. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers released this statement:

HPSCI Chairman Mike Rogers

"Although I am still studying the details of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board’s report on the 215 program, I am disappointed that three members of the Board decided to step well beyond their policy and oversight role and conducted a legal review of a program that has been thoroughly reviewed.  In 38 times over the past seven years, 17 federal judges have examined this issue and found the telephone metadata program to be legal, concluding this program complies with both the statutory text and with the U.S. Constitution.  I agree with the two Board dissenters that the Board should advise policymakers on civil liberties and privacy aspects of national security programs, and not partake in unwarranted legal analysis. Further, I don’t believe the Board should go outside its expertise to opine on the effectiveness of counterterrorism programs. As those of us with law enforcement experience know, successful investigations use all available tools—there often is no “silver bullet” that alone thwarts a plot.

"Since last year, the Committee has been studying ways to increase transparency and confidence in the program without placing Americans at greater risk. I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to enact those meaningful reforms in the near future."


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