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HPSCI Members Comment on Arrest of ISIL Supporters

HPSCI Members Comment on Arrest of ISIL Supporters

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, Ranking Member Adam Schiff, Emerging Threats Subcommittee Chairman Tom Rooney, and Emerging Threats Subcommittee Ranking Member Mike Quigley issued the following statements in response to the FBI’s arrest of six U.S.-based individuals for attempting to provide material support to the ISIL terrorist organization:

Chairman Nunes: “I commend the FBI for its excellent work tracking down and arresting these individuals. ISIL presents a growing threat not only in Syria and Iraq, but throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and now in the United States as well. Terrorists and their enablers will continue to receive the unwavering attention of law enforcement and the Intelligence Community.”

Ranking Member Schiff: “The arrests of these suspects are a testament to both the professionalism of the FBI and its law enforcement and intelligence partners, and a reminder that the struggle against ISIL is a global one. Even here, ISIL’s barbarism and worship of death has found its adherents, some of whom have actually gone to the region to join this cult of death, while others – as in this case – have seemingly sought to send them material support. America cannot relax its vigilance, and Chairman Nunes and I will be looking for ways that we can enhance our ability to find and stop Americans who seek to aid these killers.”

Chairman Rooney: “Clearly now the Islamic State poses a threat not just in the Middle East but even on our own soil. We must remain steadfast in our mission to track, destroy and defeat these terrorist threats. I appreciate the work of the FBI to bring these suspects to justice.”

Ranking Member Quigley: “These arrests demonstrate the real and growing threat that ISIL poses, not only to America’s security abroad, but here at home. ISIL has made no secret of its plan to attack the United States and our allies and is using online propaganda to target and recruit Americans and encourage the rise of homegrown terrorists. Given the unique and complex security challenges facing our nation, the work of our intelligence and law enforcement communities is more important now than ever. I applaud the hard work and determination of the FBI and our broader Intelligence Community in identifying and averting the threats we face and will work together with Chairman Rooney to support them in their efforts and ensure they have the resources needed to keep our nation safe.”


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